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eZY Period Cup

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Comfort and freshness is assured with the ezy period cup. Time to stay away from that stinky and bad smell during periods!

Made with Health Grade Silicone

This period cup won’t wear or tear internally, keeping you free from rashes and dryness. The shape of cup is designed in such a way that it does not leak and collects fluid in the store. Don’t let the periods ruin your mood! Stay active, stay happy all day long with ezy period cup. Now, you can sit relaxed or jump in the air without worrying about the leakage or spillage, using this period cup.


eZY Period Cup is made with silicone material which feels gentle on the skin. This cup is also suitable for all skin types from dry to normal to sensitive.

This eZY Period Cup has enough capacity to hold the normal to heavy flow and can provide up to 12 hours of protection. The cup has a convenient stem with round shaped bottom that ensures easy insertion and removal. We have taken care of your hygiene while designing this period cup. It ensures safe and hygienic usage.
eZY period cup has a long lasting and durable built and may last up to 10 years.